Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 Second Grade Award Recipients

Our Language Arts Award recipients have been strong in consistently contributing to class discussions about our themes and the stories we've read. They've scored at least 95% on all of their assessments in reading fluency, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary and writing. Keep up the awesome work!

Our Mathematics Award recipients have been strong in consistently understanding new math concepts. They are very independent workers and executes Jiji math activities with ease. Keep up the hard work!

Our Most Improved Award recipients have worked tirelessly and have grown tremendously in academics. They have kept their focus and have only moved forward this year. Keep up the super job!

Our Citizenship Award recipients have been model students since the first day of class. They have been kind, thoughtful, considerate, helpful and above all, someone that their peers can look up to. Keep up the great job!

Our Good Attendance Award recipients have kept themselves safe and healthy, resulting in only missing one day of school. They also have no tardy and have come to class ready to learn. Super cool job!

Our Perfect Attendance recipients have come to school, on time, for 175 days! Way to go guys! It's super hard to come to school everyday - no matter what may come your way! A huge round of applause to you and your Parents.

Congratulations to you all!

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