Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 Holiday Activities

 Dress Rehearsal Day
 Like our sign said, "Santa Stop Here", so he did.

We passed out Goody-Bags.

Pictures of the dance in the auditorium and party will be uploaded soon.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Student of the Week for the week of December 10, 2012

Congratulations to our Student o f the Week.  She is safe, respectful and responsible. She is a kind friend and plays safely with others .  She very sweet and respectful towards her teachers.  She comes to school ready to learn.  She tries her best and does not give up when times get tough.  She works hard and is improving greatly.  Keep up the awesome work!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Student of the Week for the Week of December 3, 2012

Congratulations to our Student of the Week for being safe, respectful and responsible.  She is safe in and out of the classroom.  She is kind to others and is respectful towards her teachers.  She is a responsible learner, she looks and listens to directions.  She is focused, works independently, finishes and turns in her work on time, and her answers are is accurate.  Keep up the hard work!