Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Best Buy Teach Award

Hooray! Our classroom was recognized for its learning by Best Buy. Because we have been talking and sharing our learning with others outside our classroom through videoconferencing, our classroom blog, and other projects that allowed us to share "our living world", we were recognized with a Best Buy Teach Award. We treasure times like our connection with Los Angeles County Mueseum of Art back in January and our oppportunity to participate in the world-wide student conference called Megaconference Jr.

What's next? We'll be connecting with a park ranger at Crystal Cove State Beach to share our learning on tide pools and to ask a number of questions the students themselves will develop in preparation for the event. We will be preparing a set of images gathered by taking digital photos with cameras, finding/citing resources from the Internet, and scanning hand-drawn work. With our award, projects such as this one are supported through materials and tools that allow us to create, share, and learn about "our living world".

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