Sunday, June 10, 2007

Love Video Streaming

I learned about video streaming last year when I took a class on how to create my own web site. I loved video streaming the moment I learned about it because it engages students and offers them experiences they may never encounter.

This past February I taught my students about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I read books and showed posters and pictures about him. I read a part of his speech, "I Have a Dream". I talked about segregation and the Civil Rights Movement. But even after all of my efforts, I still felt that it did not and could not give the same impact as if they saw and heard it... because that's exactly what happened to me when I was in grade school. My elementary teachers read books and showed pictures and posters, but, when I first heard his speech on television, that's when I really understood what my teachers were trying to convey. I wanted my kindergartners to really understand as well, but I couldn't leave it to chance that they would individually see a video or clip of the speech; so I used video streaming to bring the speech into the classroom. During the video, my students were engaged and the responses were doubled from our typical daily discussions that don't incorporate technology resources.

In short, try to use a video instead of you doing all of the acting.

Blog Post Assignment #4 for John Rivera's Learning & Teaching with the Read/Write Web

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